Embracing the messy, imperfect and unfinishe-

A friend shared a creation of theirs recently. They acknowledged there were still improvements to be made but they shared it anyway.

I noticed how even in its unfinished state, I was inspired by the visuals, the sounds and the heart behind the project. (Me writing this blog post is a manifestation of that inspiration). I was inspired to embrace the messy. To stop waiting for the conditions to be “perfect” before I share ideas, revelations or projects. I mentioned in my last blog post that this is something I’m working on.

The key thing is that you start.

Perhaps this is something you need to work on too. To start sharing your gifts and talents with the world before the validation, before it’s trendy, before you have the fancy equipment. You can start with what you have and add to it as you go along. The key thing is that you start.

Upon researching I found that Leonardo Da Vinci never actually finished the ‘Mona Lisa’, arguably his most famous work, due to his paralysis. In fact, it’s said that “several of his paintings were left in an incomplete state”. I find this to be very profound. That the artist could consider something to be incomplete yet what they produced was enough for it to become one of the most prized and timeless creations.

What you think is unfinished may be everything the world needs.

I hope we can start this journey together; of sharing what we currently have with the world. What you think is unfinished may be everything the world needs. I often think that if more people lived to their full potential each day, our world would look very different. And as cliché as it sounds, it starts with you and me.

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  1. Thank you very much I love your blog. I will work on mine 🙌👊

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