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Set boundaries. It’s a form of kindness

I once told a friend that the party life was no longer for me. When they invited me to their 21st birthday party, I reminded them of what I had previously said and politely declined. However, because my decline was not met with an understanding response, I began to feel like a bad friend. I…

Doing something that has never been done before – the act of a pioneer

My sister recently organised a school event for International Women’s Day – she got a few friends on board, contacted a distinguished guest speaker and sent out a newsletter. The event was a success. She noted how her teachers gave her and co-organisers particular praise for doing something that has never been done before. This…

Friends can build or break you…choose well

I’m realising more and more how we have creative control over how our story goes. One of the areas this control is expressed is through our choice of friends. I was speaking to a good friend recently and we were reflecting on times where we accommodated one-sided friendships that left us feeling drained. We came…

On success: personal reflections vol.2

I have been meaning to write my updated thoughts on success for some months now. The plan was to wait until I had fully reconciled the experiences so I could speak from a place of clarity and hopefully share some wisdom. Having said that, I do not think defining success is something that can ever…

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“Money is for creativity, not spending” (Myles Munroe)