How wonderful to be wise, to analyze and interpret things.

Ecclesiastes 8:1 (NLT)

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Friends can build or break you…choose well

I’m realising more and more how we have creative control over how our story goes. One of the areas this control is expressed is through our choice of friends. I was speaking to a good friend recently and we were reflecting on times where we accommodated one-sided friendships that left us feeling drained. We came…

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On success: personal reflections vol.2

I have been meaning to write my updated thoughts on success for some months now. The plan was to wait until I had fully reconciled the experiences so I could speak from a place of clarity and hopefully share some wisdom. Having said that, I do not think defining success is something that can ever…

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Embracing the messy, imperfect and unfinishe-

A friend shared a creation of theirs recently. They acknowledged there were still improvements to be made but they shared it anyway. I noticed how even in its unfinished state, I was inspired by the visuals, the sounds and the heart behind the project. (Me writing this blog post is a manifestation of that inspiration).…

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Making room for growth

What are you working on? I was confronted with this question by an advert whilst trying to catch up on some of my favourite YouTube channels. Whilst this would normally be a time of inconvenience as I wait for the obligatory 5-10 seconds to be over, this advert was different and I ended up watching…

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Finding the beauty in the process of becoming

“Try and find the beauty in the process of becoming…there is more”. I recently found these words flowing out of my mouth as I was encouraging a friend going through a tough season. I have previously embraced the idea that there is purpose in pain, but finding “beauty” in that pain is a concept that…

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