Cecilia’s episode

Cecilia is aware that success looks different for everyone. For her, a successful life is one of balance. One in which she can nurture her faith in God, whilst being physically and mentally sound. She revealed that being part of a church community is her greatest success as this has had a domino effect on other areas in her life. Whilst she does put a lot of pressure on herself academically, she says this is because she knows she is capable of performing well. We also spoke about social media, and the steps that she is taking to combat its money and “likes” narrative. Cecilia makes it clear that she is looking to grow as an individual, not change and that failure is a necessary part of becoming.

Listen to the full conversation below

0:00 – 2:14 On upbringing

2:14 – 5:10 On adopting own version of success

5:10 – 6:48 On co-dependency

6:48 – 8:37 On mental health

8:37 – 10:43 On rest/self-care

10:43 – 11:41 On academic success (impact on success)

11:41 – 14:17 On greatest success

14:17 – 15:44 On people/community

15:44 – 18:20 On idea of success being negatively impacted

18:20 – 20:40 On social media

20:40 – 21:36 On intentionality

21:36 – 22:55 On ideal life

22:55 – 24:22 On intrinsic vs extrinsic success

22:42 – 22:59 On greatest failure

22:59 – 29:11 On money

29:11 – 31:24 On “change” vs “growth”

*An alias was used in place of real name

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