Rita’s episode

Rita says that growing up, a linear path of success was laid out for her and she did not even realise it. Since then, she has decided that she “does not want to feel like a cog”: she wants to decide on her own path even if it strays from conventional notions of success. Meanwhile, we spoke about the tendency to undermine the necessity of money when you already have it – there is often a “subconscious taking it for granted” (Rita). Society’s portrayal of productivity as the marker of success was also mentioned, alongside social media’s perpetuation of “aesthetic success”. The episode ends with Rita revealing her greatest success, which prompted us to speak about how, especially as women, we are discouraged from embracing our successes.

Listen to the full conversation below

0:00 – 2:40 On upbringing

2:40–3:58 On ideal life

3:58 – 6:08 On money

6:08 – 7:30 On ideal day

7:30 – 8:16 On productivity

8:16 – 9:04 On adopting a rhythm to life

9:04 – 10:40 On recognising your wants

10:40 – 12:30 On university experience (impact on success)

12:30 – 14:11 On people/community

14:11 – 18:10 On collaboration in academic space

18:10 – 20:03 On recommendations for education system

20:03 – 24:50 On rest

24:50 – 26:00 On social media

26:00 – 28:50 On “aesthetic success”

28:50 – 30:27 On greatest success

30:27 – 31:12 On embracing successes

*An alias was used in place of real name

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