Robert’s episode

Robert views success as “unattainable”; a standard which changes according to what those around you are achieving. He says that an ideal day for him would be one that involves novelty – meeting new people and experiencing new things. We spoke about his dislike for “hustle culture”, whilst speaking on the competitiveness of university. He revealed that social media has not particularly influenced his view of success as he is aware that it is only a constructed reality. For Robert, his greatest success is more of a trait”: it is his ability to recognise opportunities and utilise them. However, he acknowledges that this has its cons as his forward-thinking tendencies often makes it difficult to be “present”.

Listen to the full conversation below

0:00 – 2:14 On upbringing

2:14 – 3:13 On university experience (impact on success)

3:13 – 5:20 On time “management”

5:20 – 7:03 On “hustle culture”

7:03 – 8:27 On ideal life

8:27 – 10:38 On not allowing others to dictate your life

10:38 – 12:24 On ideal day

12:24 – 13:56 On greatest success

13:56 – 18:14 On academic success

18:14 – 20:30 On rest

20:30 – 21:14 On mental health

21:14 – 23:14 On greatest failure

23:14 – 25:41 On people/community

25:41 – 28:09 On social media

28:09 – 29:53 On being present

*An alias was used in place of real name

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