Michael’s episode

My conversation with Michael revealed that traditional ideas of success, such as acquiring lots of money, can actually be adopted in a healthy way. Although it was his upbringing that first presented him with the money= success narrative, after considering it, he says that he has chosen to embrace this. Despite his seeming compatibility with “hustle culture”, he has a wholistic view of success: valuing rest, meaningful conversations and in the future, he hopes to inspire young children through his work. This conversation highlights that traditional notions of success cannot be labelled as “bad”, for nothing is truly black or white.

Listen to the full conversation below

0:00 – 1:40 On upbringing

1:40 – 4:55 On university experience (impact on success)

4:55 – 6:44 On adopting money narrative

6:44 – 10:55 On greatest failure

10:55 – 13:27 On academic success

13:27 – 15:18 On ideal day

15:18 – 17:04 On ideal life

17:04 – 19:41 On relationship with time

19:41 – 21:14 On maintaining mental health

21:14 – 22:55 On rest/hustle culture compatibility

*An alias was used in place of real name

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